Our support team includes clinical specialists and engineers who are committed to ensuring safe and reliable use of ALung’s products to achieve optimal clinical outcomes.

ALung Support Mechanisms

ALung’s support begins with a comprehensive training program delivered by our skilled clinical specialists. We ensure your staff is fully prepared to safely and effectively deliver extracorporeal CO2 removal with the Hemolung RAS.

When the time comes for your first patient treatment, we’re happy to help. On-Site Case Assistance is offered to every customer and provided at your request.

Our clinical specialists are also available 24/7 to immediately address any questions or issues which you may have. Call us, anytime.

Our technical service team offers comprehensive calibration and preventive maintenance programs to ensure your device is always ready for use.

For immediate support, please call us:

France (toll free): 0800-918846
Germany (toll free): 0800-181-6344
United Kingdom: 0-808-189-1190
All others: +1-724-506-5149