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Audible Alarm Key

Used to acknowledge an alarm by temporarily or permanently silencing the audible signal.

CO2 Removal Rate

A real time display of Hemolung CO2 removal provides a continuous assessment of device performance – a first in the field.

Blood Flow Rate

A real time display of blood flow rate as measured by the blood flow sensor on the outflow tubing.

Pump Start/Stop Key

Used to start/stop the Cartridge’s blood pump.

Sweep Gas Flow Control

A digital, closed-loop control of sweep gas flow allows precise adjustment of the CO2 removal rate without the need for a separate gas flow controller. Sweep gas flows under vacuum, reducing the risk of air embolism.

Pump Speed Control

A digital, closed-loop control of pump speed allows precise adjustment of the blood flow rate.

Bubble Detector

Continuously monitors the outflow tubing for air. If a bubble is detected, the pump is immediately stopped.

Blood Flow Sensor

Provides a continuous measurement of the circuit blood flow rate.

Trending Data

Displays a graph of the measured CO2 Removal Rate and measured Blood Flow Rate in 8hr, 24hr, and 7 day increments.

Blood Inlet

Venous blood from the patient enters the Hemolung Cartridge via this port.

Integrated Centrifugal Pump

Provides 350 – 550 mL/min of blood flow when paired with the 15.5. Fr Hemolung Catheter. The pump also increases the gas exchange efficiency of the membrane through “active mixing.”

Sweep Gas Inlet

Sweep gas, provided by the Hemolung Controller, enters the Hemolung Cartridge via this port. 100% O2 or room air may be used as a sweep gas.

Gas Exchange Membrane

The most advanced gas exchange membrane available consists of a thin layer of siloxane and covalently-bound heparin applied to microporous polypropylene hollow fibers. The Hemolung membrane offers high levels of gas exchange efficiency, plasma resistance, and biocompatibility.

Sweep Gas Outlet

Sweep gas is drawn under vacuum from the Hemolung Cartridge via this port.

Blood Outlet

Decarbonated blood, also enriched with oxygen, is discharged from the Hemolung Cartridge and returned to the patient via this port.

Portable O2 Tank Storage

Facilitates transport within the hospital while using O2 as sweep gas.

Purge Valve

This patent pending technology automatically removes accumulated moisture from the Hemolung Cartridge membrane, ensuring steady gas exchange.

Vacuum Canister

Collects water vapor from the sweep gas exiting the Hemolung Cartridge. The vacuum canister also works with the purge valve to provide automatic membrane moisture removal.

Power Switch

Turns the Hemolung Controller On/Off.

A/C Power Inlet

Universal power supply accepts 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz A/C. A one hour battery backup is also provided.

Gas Connections

Send and receive sweep gas to and from the Hemolung Cartridge. A pressurized oxygen connection (wall or tank O2) is also provided.

17cm Insertion Length

Curved Design

The jugular catheter is curved for comfortable positioning.

1/4” (6.4mm) Barb Connectors

Provide secure connections to the blood tubing.

Slide Clamps

Allow locking of the catheter lumens during insertion and removal.

Infusion Lumen

Returns decarbonated blood from the Hemolung Cartridge to the patient.

Drainage Lumen

Drains carbonated blood from the patient to the Hemolung Cartridge.

Wire-Reinforced Catheter Body

The catheter walls are thin, but flexible and extremely kink resistant. The advanced design allows for higher flows at low pump pressures.

Drainage Port

Drains carbonated blood from the patient to the Hemolung Cartridge.

Infusion Port

Returns decarbonated blood from the Hemolung Cartridge to the patient.

Hemolung Controller

A fully integrated and simple to use controller.

  • Real-time and historical display of CO2 removal and blood flow
  • Digital control of sweep gas flow rate
  • Automatic switching of sweep gas between O2 and room air
  • Vacuum-driven gas flow provides embolism protection
  • Automatic removal of membrane condensation for steady gas exchange
  • On screen help and graphical priming instructions
  • 1 hour battery life
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Hemolung Cartridge

An integrated blood pump and gas exchange membrane in one.

  • Integrated centrifugal pump flows 350 – 550 ml/min with Hemolung 15.5. Fr Catheters
  • “Active mixing” enhances gas exchange across the membrane
  • Advanced siloxane/heparin coated “closed” membrane prevents plasma wetting and thrombus formation
  • Minimal priming volume (260 mL) and membrane surface area (0.59 m2)
  • Standard ICU anticoagulation (aPTT 1.5 – 2.0X baseline)


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Hemolung Controller Back Panel

The Hemolung Controller features a wide array of power and gas connections, including portable Oxygen tank storage, and a system to purge moisture collected in the membrane.

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Hemolung Catheter

The next generation dual lumen venous catheter.

  • Low resistance – Flow up to 550 mL/min with 15.5 Fr catheter
  • Advanced, wire-reinforced design prevents kinking and lumen collapse
  • Unique silicone/polyurethane copolymer material offers high biocompatibility
  • Available in femoral (26 cm) and jugular (17 cm) versions


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