Patient Selection: Extracorporeal Carbon Dioxide Removal (ECCO2R) with the Hemolung RAS

Respiratory Dialysis is a simple, minimally invasive approach to extracorporeal CO2 removal (ECCO2R), only available with the Hemolung Respiratory Assist System (RAS). Using blood flows of 350-550 mL/min, the Hemolung RAS removes 30-50% of metabolically produced CO2, reducing ventilation requirements in patients who are either failing non-invasive ventilation or who are already invasively ventilated.

This patient selection guide is designed to assist physicians and nurses with maximizing the clinical benefit of Hemolung RAS therapy. The guide helps answer common questions, such as:

  • What are the indications for Hemolung therapy?
  • How are appropriate patients for Hemolung therapy identified?
  • When is the best time to initiate Hemolung therapy?

Download the complete Hemolung RAS Patient Selection Guide (PDF):

Download the Clinical Indications for ECCO2R Poster (PDF)



The information in these guides is provided by ALung Technologies for the purpose of educating health care professionals about providing extracorporeal CO2 removal with the Hemolung RAS. This information should not be relied upon as complete or accurate; nor should it be relied on to suggest a course of treatment for a particular person. This material should not be construed as including all proper methods of care or excluding other acceptable methods of care reasonably directed to obtaining the same results. The ultimate judgment regarding any specific procedure or treatment is to be made by the physician and patient in light of all circumstances presented by the patient.

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Please consult the Hemolung RAS Instructions for Use for the complete set of warnings, cautions, and potential complications related to providing ECCO2R therapy with the Hemolung RAS.

Caution: Federal law (USA) restricts this device for sale by or on the order of a physician. Not for sale in the USA.