ALung Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Dr. William Federspiel and the late Dr. Brack Hattler with the mission of commercializing innovative medical devices for patients with acute respiratory failure. ALung is privately financed.

A Unique Opportunity

The worldwide market opportunity for ALung’s products is estimated to be $4.6 billion. Currently there are no other devices on the market which permit simple extracorporeal CO2 removal like the Hemolung RAS.

Extraordinary Technology

ALung’s patented Hemolung technology is truly revolutionary. The Hemolung Cartridge is the core of the system. The cartridge utilizes an innovative and proprietary “active mixing” design to achieve significantly higher gas exchange efficiency than currently available “passive” oxygenators. ALung owns or has the rights to 7 issued and 3 pending patents in the field of respiratory support devices with broad method protection and significant trade secrets associated with the Hemolung Cartridge and Controller.

An Experienced Team

ALung is led by a team of experienced medical device executives with diverse backgrounds in business, engineering, and regulatory affairs. Since the inception of ALung, management has raised approximately $40M in private equity. The company has also successfully secured over $5M in grants.

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