A History of Innovation

ALung Technologies was founded in 1997 by William Federspiel, PhD and the late Brack Hattler, MD. Commercial operations began in 2001 with work focusing on the development of Dr. Hattler’s intravenous oxygenator known as the Hattler Catheter. Development of the Hemolung RAS began in 2005 and human clinical trials began in 2010. The device received CE-mark approval in 2013.

A Future of Innovation

ALung Technologies continues to invest in the research and development of advanced respiratory technologies including specialty membranes, coatings and device designs which will someday result in even smaller, simpler, and safer respiratory support products. ALung also maintains a strong relationship with the University of Pittsburgh’s McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine (MIRM) from which the Hemolung technology originated. Dr. Federspiel continues to develop new technologies in his Medical Devices Laboratory which have the potential to further revolutionize the field of extracorporeal lung support.